FoLJ Founding member Wilson Wright passed away on September 2nd. He was a dedicated member of the BOD since the FoLJ was formed in 1998 until shortly before his health began to decline in 2019. Wilson was always eager to get involved with events and volunteered his energy often. He will be missed by all.

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3 Options for Lake Jackson Explained

While the lake is dry, managers have three options to consider to improve the bird rookery and fishery at the 5,000 acre preserve.

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Lake Jackson skulls are of Native American descent, dating back centuries

After an assessment by state archaeologists, the two human skulls found in Lake Jackson last month have been determined to be of Native American ancestry, potentially dating back five centuries. 

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 09.12.2018 “Friends of Lake Jackson discuss possible algae bloom” WTXL ABC Tallahasse

11.10.2017 “Hunters and homeowners coexist on Lake Jackson”-Article in Tallahassee Democrat

10.1.2017 “Keeping Lake Jackson clean: Community gathers to pick up trash”-Article in Tallahassee Democrat

9.21.2017 “What makes Lake Jackson drain so quickly?”-Article in Tallahassee Democrat

7.14.2017 “Launching boats and poems on Lake Jackson”-Article in Tallahassee Democrat

6.24.2017 “Chorus of frogs ushers in first night at Lake Jackson”-Article in Tallahassee Democrat

6.01.2017 “Lake Jackson mounds reveal remnants of a thriving culture”-Article in Tallahassee Democrat

5.12.2017 “Rhythm of Lake Jackson inspires poetry group” Article in Tallahassee Democrat

5.5.2017 “Lake Jackson is deep enough for sailing” Article in Tallahassee Democrat

4.6.2017 “Lake Jackson rises back to normal levels” Article in Tallahassee Democrat

3.17.2017 “Lake Jackson neighborhood id home to a variety of wildlife” Article in Tallahassee Democrat

A More Ancient World: The Fall and Rise of Lake Jackson

Community Blogs Tallahassee-“Wild and Free Again” Bald Eagle Release on Lake Jackson!

NWFWMD-Governing Board editorial: Future bright for Lake Jackson

Tallahassee Democrat-Lake Jackson’s revival continues

Land and Water Magazine-Restoring a Disappearing Lake Lakes for Vacation and Recration

Atlas Obscura

Tallahassee Democrat-When Santa visited Lake Jackson

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