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Lake Jackson

Captain Cliff “JR” Mundinger, Jr. of Lake Talquin Trophy Guide Service ( said: “Hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday. Lake Jackson had it’s share of fishermen and pleasure boaters. Sometimes that’s hard to balance, given it’s size. For those of you that haven’t been there in a while you may be surprised to know there are really two lakes in one. First the Crowder area, which is commonly known for its proximity to Crowder road, is pretty much wide open except for the immediate edges. Invasive aquatic plant control has made it a boating paradise during the day, while the lily pads and other flora encompasses the perimeter making it very attractive to fishermen early and later in the day. As you make your way to the north it becomes predominantly a fishing resource. Recent attention to the overgrowth has created boat lanes with which to navigate to and from other boat ramps and areas. Kayaks and those in smaller watercraft, for example, utilize the shallower boat ramps like Miller’s Landing and the new one at Highway 27 to gain access to some of the better fishing waters. As water levels allow, our friends living on the NE side of town can be on the water in minutes, launching at Rhoden Cove. Whatever your taste may be, fishing, boating or paddling, Lake Jackson has something for everyone. Oh, I almost forgot the fishing report. Bass continue to feed better during low-light hours and near the surface. Look for that to change as rainfall has let up. Accent grass continues to thicken. Bream fishermen will find plenty of action throughout the Crowder area and specific sandy spots near Brill Point.”

Otto Hough at ( said: “Now, I must confess. While the crowd was out over the holiday stretch on Apalachee Bay, I had to take advantage of some good early morning conditions on Lake Jackson. Using the stealth of the kayak, a number of fine “catch & release” Jackson trophies were eager to slam a Zoom Speed-vibe worked in the edges of the pads and the grass beds in about 6 to 9 feet of water. The Gambler Cane Toad produced similar explosions as well. With the full moon weekend, some fine night fishing will be happening. Not just on Jackson, but back on the Big Pond as well.”

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