LJAP Buffer Project completed with the help of generous volunteers!

On Wednesday, January 16th, a dozen people showed up to help plant a variety of native trees and plants along the edges of the the Lake Jackson View Landing parking and viewing pier areas.

The need to protect these areas is important. The trees will grow into a lush mini forest and blend in with the surrounding natural landscape, providing a buffer zone to protect water quality, erosion, and also create habitat for wildlife.

Lake Jackson Aquatic Preserve manager Sherry Carpenter received a grant for this project. She will continue to work on projects to enhance the lake and educate the public about the need to protect this valuable resource in Leon County.


Learn more about the LJAP at: https://floridadep.gov/fco/aquatic-preserve/locations/lake-jackson-aquatic-preserve

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Photo by Ann Shuck, DEP.



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