Jackson View Boat Landing Renovations in Progess

Jackson View Boat Landing Renovations

Summary of Improvements

Previously called the Hwy 27 Boat Landing, the Jackson View Boat Landing Beautification and Enhancements Project has been funded for the purpose of improving the County’s boat landing located at 4967 North Monroe St. (parcel #2432206010000)

The plans call for new signage; stabilization of the parking area; better defined parking, including up to 5 specific spaces for boat trailers; the addition of an aluminum, floating dock; and rehabilitation to the boat ramp, itself. Replacement picnic tables and grills will also be installed and a completely new deck structure and observation pier will be built. Completing the new amenities will be a one stall, unisex/family restroom (“drop-toilet”)….Read More


Conceptual Rendering of the Renovations

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