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Lake Jackson neighborhood is home to a variety of wildlife


In September of 2015, my wife and I moved to Tallahassee. We bought a house in a beautiful canopy neighborhood on the shore of Lake Jackson. Since then, we have found much pleasure in watching birds like the great bald eagle and osprey soaring and squealing over the towering pines and sparkling lake looking for prey.

The lake is a permanent home for many birds such as the dramatic bald eagle, anhinga and the limpkin with its bizarre and often startling call. We have also seen red tailed hawks, great blue herons, white ibis, and barred owls among many others. Migratory birds like the American white pelican and a large variety of ducks, such as wood ducks and mallards make Lake Jackson their temporary home as they move further south.

My wife and I also like sit by the lake and watch people as they fish, water ski, sail, jet ski and paddle along in canoes and kayaks. We enjoy kayaking ourselves and try to explore all the diversity found in hidden corners and coves, secret sanctuaries not directly visible from the shore.

I am told there are red foxes, otters, rabbits and white-tailed deer. Bream, large-mouthed bass and even the occasional alligator gar will suddenly appear from under the dense aquatic plants. I am fortunate to have all this in my backyard….read full article online.

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